Hordes of Zombies

The Horde

A group of cops in criminal clothes take justice in their own hands and barnstorm an abandoned apartment building hideout of the ruthless drug lords that killed their partner. That’s good. The plan goes askew, leaving several cops painting the walls with their brains. That’s bad. Outside there are thousands of zombies headed their way. That’s good and bad – good for me, bad for everyone else.

The Horde

Not a typical zombie movie, The Horde (2010) gets ugly and stays ugly, with the surviving cops and hair-trigger criminals having to team together to get out alive.

The Horde

What living humans do to each other is hard enough to watch, to say nothing of the swarms of zombies that open your torso like a can of soup. Too many stand-out scenes to gush about, but it’s the one where a cop standing on a car roof and surrounded by hundreds of zombies that’s a horror movie landmark candidate.

The Horde

Yes, there will be blood…and every thing that temporarily holds it in place. Not an easy thing to do, balancing the insanely tense cop/criminal thing while zombies chew their way towards the sushi bar that is your face.

Even if you’re burned out on zombies, The Horde (2010) is invigorating, like a breath of fresh undead air.

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