Giant Rats Eat Your Face

Food of the Gods

It doesn’t matter where the eerie “food” that boiled up through the ground came from. All you need to know is that when fed to a variety of animals, it causes a growth spurt of B-movie proportions.

Food of the Gods

Living on an island with no pet store in which to buy canned food for their chickens, farmer Skinner and his wife feed the crud to their livestock. But worms, rats and bees eat it, too, then pull the dine-n-dash bit. No worries – they’ll be easily found now that the island is teeming with giant rats, worms and bees.

Food of the Gods

Mr. and Mrs. Skinner are about to earn their last name. Investigating these swollen pests, Jack Bensington, a dog food company CEO, wants to grab some of the grow chow and market it. Smart man – no wonder he’s the boss. He’ll never see it go to market as he and some others get trapped in a farmhouse being attacked by giant rats. (The rats are real, the farmhouse is not. Can’t decide on Bensington.)

Food of the Gods

A rather ambitious plan is formulated to blow up the local dam and drown those damn rodents. The problem with leaving giant rat bodies laying around is that they’re gonna be eaten, say by a raccoon or a…cow. And what comes from a cow? And guess what age group drinks what comes from a cow?

Food of the Gods

The conclusion of Food of the Gods (1976), while udderly ridiculous (how could I not say that?), sets up a sequel. For once, milk is good for every body.

2 Responses to “Giant Rats Eat Your Face”

  1. Computerlady911 Says:

    I watched this at the drivin when I was a kid. It is still one of my all time faves


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