Deader Snow

 Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead. Finally – a sequel to a movie that actually deserves to have a sequel. [se•quel / noun / a literary work, movie, etc., that is complete in itself but continues the narrative of a preceding work.]

The plot, as if one is really needed – “Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead follows the sole survivor of a Nazi zombie attack who battles an even larger army of zombies with the help of The Zombie Squad, a professional gang of zombie killers from the U.S.”

 Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

If you saw the utterly awesome Dead Snow (2009/Norway), you know what all of the above means: someone’s torso is gonna get opened like a wet Christmas present and the contents therein strewn across a landscape of pristine white snow. Happy entrails to you.

 Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

Dead Snow situated a bunch of med students on a ski vacation in a cabin on a snow-lathered mountain. They find a cache of gold, which belonged to a WWII Nazi Einsatzgruppe, who probably stole it. Nazis can be so mean.

 Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

By taking the gold, the party people resurrect the Nazis who are now flesh slurping zombies who need the money to buy services and goods. Or just to have it in their retirement portfolio. Once the undead dig out from the frozen sliding area, full on intestine-flinging action ensues. Put Dead Snow in the “Top 10 Zombie Movies of All Time” category.

As for Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead, put me in the “I’m writing my name in the snow with total excitement to see this one” category.

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