A Rural Exorcism

Blackwater Valley Exorcism

Eric Forester, former religious dude and now a psychiatrist, is given the green light by the Catholic Church™ to validate demonic possession. What a sweet gig – being paid to watch people cuss and vomit.

Blackwater Valley Exorcism

Eric travels to a house out in the sticks containing a young woman seemingly possessed by evil. Looks easy to disprove as she doesn’t float around the bed, puke up Campbell’s Soup™ and/or swear in ancient languages. She does, though, have a spooky voice that sounds like she’s gargling the aforementioned soup while talking.

Then there’s the demon girl’s sister, who just happened to be Eric’s former girlfriend. Seems the psychiatrist has some demons in his closet as well, as he punched her out back in the day. But she’s over it now and wants to kiss his lap. But his guilt won’t allow a freebie. And that’s yet another problem with religion.

Blackwater Valley ExorcismEveryone’s being manipulated by the evil presence and having a good time doing it. Clues lead Eric to zero in on the real possessed person, and the revelation is so underwhelming as to cause soup yawning.

Blackwater Valley Exorcism

They needed to spend more money designing the demon gal, who looks like those Goth idiots who smear mall blood on their faces and walk around at parties as if to say, “Look at me – I’m an authentic Goth!” 

As for the devil stuff, I give Blackwater Valley Exorcism (2006) an authentic “meh.”

One Response to “A Rural Exorcism”

  1. anonymous Says:

    The hell with that demon! He doesn’t deserve to have any powers. Hell, I wish that I had his powers to use against him and turn him into a weakling.

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