Wrestling With Dracula And Wolf Man

Santo & Blue Demon vs. Dracula & The Wolfman

In this 1972 action-packed supernatural bout, undefeated pro wrestler/crime fighter/super hero Santo and his bestest buddy Blue Demon go after the recently resurrected Dracula and his servant, Rufus Rex (aka, the Wolfman).

Santo & Blue Demon vs. Dracula & The Wolfman

The ill-intent criminals’ plan is to kidnap some chicks and sacrifice them to Satan, their employer. Before that can be done they have to assemble an army of vampires and wolf men. They accomplish this by biting people.

Santo & Blue Demon vs. Dracula & The Wolfman

The inevitable “no falls/no disqualification” match in the Chamber of Caves is the very definition of action. As if fighting off an army of wolf men wasn’t exciting enough, all the werewolves are wearing sweaters and button-up shirts. Their chests and hands aren’t hairy, though. Spanish werewolves don’t have to obey the rules, man.

Santo & Blue Demon vs. Dracula & The Wolfman

Santo and Blue Demon pull out their best moves to vanquish the sinvergüenzas sucios (look it up). As with all the great Santo movies, it begins and ends with real wrestling matches (two out of three falls). The third one – against El Angel and that godd*mn Renato The Hippie – is almost as good as the movie itself, with priceless commentary from the announcer: “Blue Demon is attentive!” “The multitude’s idols win again!” and my fav, “Get away, hippie!”

Santo & Blue Demon vs. Dracula & The Wolfman

Santo & Blue Demon vs. Dracula & The Wolfman (1973) is sub-titled. But for real fun, turn ’em off and watch it in Spanish. I translated one killer wrestling move as, “Aiiyeee – he just pulled my neck! Referee – make him stop!”

Interpreting Spanish is so easy, I’m surprised more people don’t do it.

3 Responses to “Wrestling With Dracula And Wolf Man”

  1. Reblogged this on jackconner and commented:
    Awesome! Hellboy did an issue not long ago where Hellboy himself became a masked Mexican (quasi, anyway) wrestler. Ha! I’m now trying to imagine Ron Perlman doing a Spanish accent.

  2. Gary Getcha Says:

    Haha, this sounds too crazy to pass up.

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