Sharp Dressed Werewolf

The Werewolf

After a car crash leaves Duncan unable to order one more drink, two “doctors” fix him up with a shot of werewolf juice. I tried finding a liquor store that carried said beverage, but was unsuccessful. It’s just not fair.

Duncan, though, loses his memory and escapes, only to end up in a bar in a small mountain town. Completely distraught, he wanders the streets, only to be mugged by someone needing a drink more than him. (It wasn’t me, I swear.)

The Werewolf

Alas, the criminal bit off more than he could chew because Duncan wolfs up and rips the bad guy’s neck off. Now Duncan has bit off more than he can chew. Heh.

The Werewolf

Since it’s a mountain town, there’s snow. And where’s there’s snow there’s trackable tracks. But what the hey – the trackings go from stylish shoes to…wolf shoes! Only two of ’em, which indicates the suspect was walking upright. (Whew – that lets me off the hook.)

The Werewolf

Duncan, coming out of it and freezing his exterior off, makes his way back into town and visits the local doctor who wants to calm him down by hooking him up with some sweet meds. Not a chance – Duncan’s paranoia is nearing meltdown, so he runs back out into the woods. By now everyone knows Hairy D is behind the attacks and a posse (or “Texas mosh pit”) is called into action.

The Werewolf

He’s not hard to find because he’s wearing a suit. How many werewolves in the woods wear off the rack Brooks Brothers™? Heck, it’s just a process of elimination at that point. The sight of Duncan running away from the cops with his tie flapping in the wind is outright awesome.

The Werewolf

That the lighting in The Werewolf (1956) changes from night to day – often in the same scene – and the fact there’s snow, then not, shouldn’t keep you from watching this nearly 60 year-old camp horror classic. And if you know a store where I can find some werewolf juice, don’t be a dick and not tell me, ’k?

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