Louisiana Werewolf

Moon of the Wolf

A werewolf in a plaid shirt and polyester pants? Hair perfectly combed and trimmed? His teeth job-interview white? No sniffin’ other werewolf butts or hangin’ out by rusty fire hydrants for this uptown party monster.

Moon of the WolfA lycanthrope worthy of a Roger Miller song is loose on Louisiana’s Marsh Island. The sheriff is inclined to believe the throat-ripped murder of a local girl is the work of wild dogs with an utter disregard for flea collars.

Moon of the Wolf

Everyone else immediately goes for the werewolf theory. I thought it might be gators given that there are, like, millions of ’em in Louisiana, some perhaps that even howl at the moon. That would’ve made more sense than the color-coordinated wolf man who turns out to be known by everybody.

Moon of the Wolf

Moon of the Wolf (1972) – no blood, no gore, no suspense and no fun. I dug the groovy ’70s threads, however.

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