Blood-Soaked Bunny

The Bunnyman Massacre

The last time I wrote about the cannibal serial killer Bunnyman (chainsaw-wielding psycho in a rabbit costume) was November 24, 2011. I can prove it – click HERE for my unrecognized excellence-in-journalism coverage.

So now comes The Bunnyman Massacre with a plot that sounds familiar: “Joe and Bunnyman’s adventure continue in a rural ghost town. Bunnyman’s bloodlust knows no bounds, as he slaughters indiscriminately anything that crosses his path. Joe is all too happy to encourage his behavior, selling the dead victims as beef jerky in his local store.”

The Bunnyman Massacre

The Bunnyman Massacre is an obvious spin on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974). But is this franchise any good? Dunno – I haven’t seen much more than the YouTube™ trailers. Not too intrigued by a guy in a bunny costume hacking up people with a power tool, though. The concept seems kinda lazy – like me, only bloodier. Still, I give props to the filmmaker for trying to develop a new horror icon, though I probably would’ve went with a psycho raccoon. Those things freak me out.

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