Dr. Alien Is Ready To Probe You

Dr. Alien

Learning how to combine Lithium disopropylamide with beer in his 1988 college science class, a female-repellant male student inadvertently makes off with an alien formula, a sort of super Spanish Fly. Well, hey – inject that experimental drug right now!

Dr. Alien

Soon a shaft (seems vaguely familiar for some reason) starts growing out of his head. At the end of this appendage is a pair of lips, which drive the ladies mad with rampant horniness.

Dr. Alien

Soon chicks are dripping off of him. Just dripping. The best part is, this thing induces amnesia, so after he has sex with ALL OF THEM, they don’t remember it. (Story of my life.)

Dr. Alien (1989), like all comedy sci-fi sex romps, the nerd ends up falling in love with a chick, but not before he joins a heavy metal band and consorts with ’80s groupies in sheer undergarments, through which you can see their boobs and everything.

Dr Alien

There’s an alien that looks like a rutabaga, but more blue, probably because there’s no air or heat in outer space. Lots of big hair in this one. Lots of full frontal naked boobies, too. One of those things is good.

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