Third Eye Blind

The Eye 3

Bored teenagers read a book that describes ten ways to see ghosts.

One of the methods is to get a cornea transplant. Probably gonna have to pass on that one. Another is to set out empty rice bowls and start tapping ’em with chopsticks, the theory being that the sound will attract hungry ghosts. (Don’t know why they’re famished – being dead must surely kill your appetite.) This method proved to be a nice underwear-stainer for most of ’em. Don’t stop now – there’s eight more ways to void the warranty of your Dockers™.

The Eye 3

Another method – rubbing cemetery dirt on your eyes – yields similar results, except this far into the book, the teens now find themselves cursed. I feel much happiness for them.

The Eye 3

One kid is taken by the ghosts. The only way to rescue him is to go into the Land of the Dead and hand out flyers. There is a catch – once there you can’t be dicking around as time is not your ally in this realm. Stay too long and you kiss your Dockers™ goodbye. Guess what happens? I did and yawned so hard I cracked my jaw.

The Eye 3

Relentlessly typical Asian ghosts with pale faces and long, stringy black hair that all look the same. They must belong to a club or something. The Eye 3 (2005) released logically as The Eye 10 in Japan/Thailand/over there, is so boring and fright-less, eye can’t recommend it. You’ll get more satisfaction out of rubbing your own eyes with grave dirt. It’s actually kinda fun in a weird sort of way.

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