Trading Faces

The BrokenA young supermodel doctor sees herself driving down a London street and it freaks her out. Especially since she would never be caught dead wearing that hideous ensemble of out-of-season colors.

The Broken

That she follows herself  and ends up getting in a violent car crash is about the only thing you’ll be able to understand in The Broken (2008), a needlessly confusing head-scratcher. (Note to people who scratch their heads – try using Tegrin™ medicated shampoo or just don’t watch this movie.)

The Broken

For whatever reason, her mirror doppelganger is committing murders onto her boyfriend and some other people no one gives a bagel about, thereby setting up the letting of blood.

The Broken

Not particularly suspenseful, but man, is it full of blah, blah, blah. The Broken is aptly titled.

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