Smoke On The Daughter

Audrey Rose

Eleven year-old Ivy Smith doesn’t know it yet, but she’s really the reincarnation of Audrey Rose, a little girl who was barbecued alive in a painful car crash/fire. Hard to go through life with two first names, let alone souls.

Audrey Rose

Audrey’s grief-stricken dad goes to New York, looking for the soul of his burnt daughter. Thanks to a religious tip, he believes his daughter’s crispy essence has taken up shop in Ivy. Now all he has to do is convince Ivy’s parents to let him have her. Good luck with that.

Audrey Rose

While this is going, on Ivy is beginning to suffer horrific nightmares of being oven-roasted, even getting burn blisters on her hands from touching a cold window during a gnarly sleep-walking episode. And the nightmare continue as it nears what would’ve been Audrey’s birthday. (Just don’t light the candles. Just sayin’.)

Audrey Rose

The hypno-regression scene is pretty darn hairy and rounds out this intriguing psychological horror thriller. To enjoy Audrey Rose (1977) , all you need to do is sit back with a refreshing adult beverage and a grilled (sorry) hot dog and you’re set.

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