Brain Pain

The Atomic Brain

Money may not be able to buy you happiness, but it can buy you a medical procedure to take the brain out of your withered old financially wealthy female body and transplant it into something a little more swimsuit ready.

The Atomic Brain

An earlier experiment using the readily available power of atomic energy, had a dubious scientist transplanting the brain of dog into a guy and a brain of a cat into that of a young woman. Not sure if it worked, but she sure does like eating mice and licking herself. (I’d pay to see that.)

The Atomic Brain

Mrs. March, the old rich woman, hires several hotties to tend to the house chores while she evaluates their muscle tone and ability to invoke wolf whistles. But the double-crossing old broad gets hers when Dr. Frank (enstein) puts her brain into that of the donor cat. B*tch, you’ve been served.

The Atomic Brain

All of The Atomic Brain’s (1963) delightful gruesomeness is implied and not shown (i.e., brain pudding, blood, R-rated licking). Like what a cat leaves behind, it looked good on paper. Ultimately, the subject is more shocking than this sci-fi morality play.

The Atomic Brain

This floater was also known as Monstrosity. That, and The Atomic Brain, pretty much describes me after last call.

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