A Bloody Good Read

Book of Blood

Mary Florescu, a 40-something paranormal professor and published author, along with her ghost hunter sidekick Reggie, are investigating a mysterious spooky house where several ritual murders have occurred.

Book of Blood

There are mysterious spooky warnings scribbled all over the walls: “Do Not Mock Us.” The penmanship left a little to be desired, but the message was clear – don’t mess with us ghosts.

Enter Simon McNeal, a morose young student and clairvoyant, who is hired to spend a few nights in the haunted house to help solve the mystery. Simon, turns out, is less of a clairvoyant than I am. (OK, I’m not clairvoyant. BUT I WANT TO BE.)

Book of Blood

He fakes a string of ghostly events that convinces Mary he’s the real deal. But Simon underestimated the real ghosts living in the house, which happens to be an intersection for the dead.

Book of Blood

While he may have staged the earlier visitations, the one last night was unfortunately real. Soon it’s a poltergeist jamboree with the walls in Simon’s room fading away to reveal the after-life, with thousands of ghosts with stories to tell, lining up to autograph/carve Simon’s body while he lays there screaming. That’ll teach him.

Book of Blood

Clive Barker’s Book of Blood (2009) doesn’t have as much blood as the title advertises, though there is one face-ripping, six schoolgirl skeletons dancing in a fountain, and 150,000 (give or take) dead souls with poor writing skills.

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