Godzilla’s Revenge

Godzilla's Revenge

Godzilla’s Revenge is also known as All Monsters Attack. Despite which title is used, this stinker, featuring a whole pile of Godzilla foe rejects, plays more like an after-school special than a giant monster blood orgy.

Godzilla's Revenge

A fat little kid is being bullied by other kids. He escapes his cowardice shame by dreaming of Monster Island, where Godzilla lives with Minilla, his dorky son (also sometimes known as, “Minya”).

Godzilla's Revenge

It’s here Godzilla faces off against Anguirus (giant porcupine), Manda (giant snake), Ebirah (giant lobster), Gorosaurus (giant dinosaur), Kamacuras (giant praying mantis), Kumonga (giant spider) and Gabara (giant Cindi Lauper with boils). There’s also a giant vulture, whom I call Beakah. (It’s a placeholder name until someone informs me otherwise.)

A few of the featured monsters just wander listlessly into the movie and don’t get their eviction notices handed to ’em by Godzilla. I haven’t seen padding like this since Jr. High School.

Godzilla's Revenge

There’s more rubber clothes here than a fetish factory. And the action, sometimes borrowing from other G-films, is as weak as Minilla’s radioactive breath. Godzilla sunk to a record low point in his career with this 1969 used enema bag.

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