Earth vs. Itself

Crack in the World

Amazing how Crack in the World, a pant-thrilling/filling 1965 sci-fi movie, predicted global energy shortages. I’ve been telling people to quit using their convenient home appliances for years. But hardly anyone has read my research thesis on how the in-home manufacturing of toast will doom us all.

Crack in the World

A scientist theorizes there’s a whole pile of energy we could use, but it’s in the middle of the Earth. An atomic bomb is shoved down Earth’s glory hole and…kaBOOM! The resulting explosion threatens to split the world into two servings.

Crack in the World

The only scientist who can figure out how to keep the crack from expanding (hold your jokes) is an old fart and he mathematically concludes his hottie young wife is letting some other scientist get inside her algeBRA. So he doesn’t care if the world breaks apart, a clear metaphor for his marriage.

She, of course, can’t be bothered to be felt up by anyone with a college degree right now because, hey, world splitting in half.

Crack in the World

Good tension build-up and even though the effects are dated (five decades to be exact), the scene where a big Earth chunk breaks off (spoiler – sorry) and forms a new moon will crack you up. Ahem.

Now that they’re split up (the Earth and the scientist), they should call this new planet Dumpsville.

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