A Brain Is For Eating. Duh.

A Brain Is For Eating

A book that teaches kids – zombie or not – how to eat brains. Oh, how I wish I had this book as a kid. I spent my entire youth choking down “vegetables” when I could’ve had a juicy noggin as the most important meal of the day.

A Brain Is For Eating, written by Dan and Amelia Jacobs (what are the odds they have the same last name?) and illustrated by Scott Brundage, could end up being THE coffee table book of the year. Or, if you’re one of those annoying tech gadget freaks, THE e-book of the year.

A Brain Is For Eating

40 pages of brilliance that shows zombie kids how to find and savor their next meal. Example: “Though brains is our diet, let’s not waste a sliver, enjoy heart, spleen and lungs, both kidneys and liver.” The only thing cool I ate as a kid was anything buried in sugar. I’ve wasted my life.

So yeah, you need to own this book. Click HERE to get a copy, which ranges in price from $19.99 for hardcover and $9.99 for your iPad™ or Kindle™, whatever those are.

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