Revolving Door Future


In the 2009 sci-fi stunner Franklyn, there exists several parallel cities – one in the present and one in the future – with inter-connecting heavy metal dramas happening in each at the same time.


This scenario totally messes with your head. Especially when one minute you’re watching a masked vigilante in Meanwhile City – a place that looks like a steampunk version of London, doing battle with The Nemesis – then the next you’re seeing a present day suicidal art student looking to create the ultimate art project, and another heartbroken dude who really needs to get over his ex. (She’s gone man, deal with it.)


The head-twisting surrealism blends the story lines together and brings them back in the final scene so artfully, you’ll slap your own face as if to say “Wow!”


Yeah, it’ll be confusing for a while, but the pay-off is as sweet as sci-fi Sweet ’n Low™.

OK, that sounded just plain dumb. I blame the other me in the parallel city. I just hate that guy so much.

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