Computer Ghost

Ghost In The Machine

A crazy mean serial murderer believably comes back to life as electricity after crashing his car on the way to kill a single working mom. That totally makes sense.

Ghost In The Machine

As an evil electrical current he can get inside a host of handy kitchen appliances, which he uses to zap the gorgeous baby-sitter whom the young boys she’s sitting, pay her cash money to lift up her shirt. (Why did I spend all my allowance on comic books when I could’ve put my puberty on fast-forward? Sometimes I can’t believe how stupid I was.) But like the “ghost,” you don’t get to see anything.

Ghost On The Machine

Things start to really byte when the killer gets inside the family’s computer. He wants to delete them all. Heh.

Ghost In The Machine

Ghost In the Machine (title taken from British philosopher Gilbert Ryle’s derogatory description for René Descartes’ mind-body dualism and/or the Police album of the same name featuring the snappy 1981 song, “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”) is kinda sorta maybe cool given that it came out in 1993 and computers weren’t anywhere near the life-destroying machines they are today.

2 Responses to “Computer Ghost”

  1. Your review amused me Jeff so – as per agreement signed in blood in Hell (you were there, don’t deny it now) – I have punted it over to that Horrorpedia site that causes me so many headaches. But is now clocking over 3,000 a day so some folks like it. Cheers! Adrian

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