Friday the 13th, 2455

Jason X

So how did Jason, the unstoppable killer of camp counselors at Crystal Lake, end up on a 24th century spaceship with a new hockey mask and his a shiny new stabby device?

Jason X

For starters, he was eventually caught and put in suspended animation (just like the plot of all the nine Friday the 13th movies that came before this one), being thawed out 500 years later at the Crystal Lake Research Facility (oh, good grief).

Jason X

During a misunderstanding about future manners and protocol, Jason gets loose and resumes the doom. During his killing spree, Jason’s legs and arms get sheared off. But as this is the future, they can rebuild him.

Jason X

Seems the people of tomorrow are just as stupid as the people of today. Jason is reconstructed as an unstoppable killing machine, punching heads off and the what not. Note: future people scream, bleed and die, just like their dumbass ancestors.

Jason X

If you think Jason X (2001) is a laugh, then the ending will make you hurl previously injested proteins and starches.

In space, no one can hear you chuck.

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