UFO Farm

Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch (releasing October 30, 2013) is a sci-fi movie about a farm out in the middle of Dirt, Utah that’s home to cows, probably a pointy pitchfork, a tractor that gets two miles to the gallon, and dirt. It’s also a supernatural hotspot and may be the force responsible for the vanishing of a cattle rancher’s 10 year-old son. (That, or he fell down the well and Lassie, tired of that sh*t, just walked away.)

Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch, by the way, is a real place with real UFO activity. But in those parts, they call it Sherman Ranch in Utah. I like Skinwalker Ranch because it just sounds way cool. Note to the nearly one million non-readers of this blog: there is also a werewolf movie called Skinwalkers (2002). I don’t think the werewolves live on farms, though. More likely a downtown condo with quick ‘n easy access to human groceries.

Skinwalker Ranch

So SW-R is inspired by TRUE events that shocked paranormal communities around the world. A scientific team (they rarely travel alone as they need constant validation), investigates the kid’s disappearance. (Note to lab coats – check the well.) If he’s not in the well, I bet his abduction has something to do with those dangly things hanging under cows. Those weirdo appendages have to be of extraterrestrial origin.

I bet they’re bio communication antennas, which might explain why my cereal tastes a bit odd sometimes.

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