An Independent Giant Reptile Monster

Monster Movie

In the cleverly named and independently filmed Monster Movie (2008, and with a budget big enough to get an order of fries with it), a group of fat hicks decide to go to a cabin on a lake where it was reported a giant reptile monster was lurking about. Thinking this might be a chance for one of them to finally score a date, they take their video camera along to document.

Monster Movie

What follows is 60 excruciating minutes of fat guys hanging out and talking. The monster shows up and whaddaya know – it’s a plastic toy being waved around in front of the camera. Well heck, dudes – run! The men – and I use the term loosely – take off, with the toy in hot pursuit. They run all through the night and make it back to the cabin just in time for lunch.

I thought there were laws about letting fat hicks have cameras.

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