Vampire With A Pilot’s License

The Night Flier

Based on a Stephen King story (scary guy who can type), Night Flier (1997) revolves around an investigative trash tabloid journalist/pilot who tracks a mysterious black Cessna (kite-sized airplane) that’s been landing at small town airports with little more than dirt for runways and leaving a trail of chopped-up bodies and moppable blood in its wake.

The Night Flier

The journalist flies up and down the East Coast on the trail of the black plane, always just missing its gruesome repercussions. But the kill pilot is leaving clues for the writer, who discovers the murder guy calls himself Dwight Renfield (a nod to the actor Dwight FryeDracula’s mentally-unassisted assistant, employed for a short time back in 1931), and that the corpses all have window-sized holes in their necks. Eeww! 

The Night Flier

Renfield knows the journalist is on to him and warns him to f-off in messages left in blood and that drippy stuff that may or may not be lower intestines. But the writer (Miguel Ferrer) is not easily spooked. He knows he’s about to break the big story and when he finally finds the plane parked at an out-of-the-way airport, it goons him out – the plane is entirely black and looks crusty, like it had just flown through a BBQ tornado.

The Night Flier

Entering the pint-sized airport, he sees body parts everywhere, even in the baggage carousel. Eeww! Finally, they meet face-to-face. Or whatever passes for Renfield’s face, which looks like a wet sandwich, possibly roast beef. You’d think it’d all end happily right there. But then you’d be WRONG. There’s a b*tch twist you won’t see coming. (Neither did Miguel.)

The Night Flier

It’s heartwarming to watch a vampire movie that dispenses with the agonizing clichés and clearly fake teeth, making you hungry for more. Not unlike a semi-dry roast beef sandwich.

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