Cobra + Alligator = Cobragator


Ever want to know what you’d get if you cross a king cobra with an alligator? Of course you do. And you’ll get to find out when Roger Corman presents Cobragator, a Jim Wynorski “film” shooting in October 2013 and coming eventually to a SyFy Channel™ near you.

No plot details as of this e-barfing, but you already know what’s gonna happen. Some scientist or lab experiment goes awry, the two creatures are morphed together, it gets loose and goes on a people eating spree, the military is called in (but are useless), and one guy or gal figures how to stop it, all the while saying stuff like, “We’re gonna need bigger guns.”

Hope the put more effort into creating the monster than they did on the teaser poster. It looks like it was done by a snakeodile with an Art Institute™ “degree”.

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