Frightmare Rhymes With Nightmare


1983’s Frightmare is also known as Body Snatchers and Horror Star. If the movie didn’t suck, I’d wear a shirt with Frightmare on it, probably to the store or some sort of social function, like a wedding, the opera or perhaps a rodeo.

After Golden Age Hollywood horror movie icon Conrad Radzoff dies (think Vincent Price, but with lots more ham and cheese), his body is buried in a well-appointed crypt.


A bunch of  Radzoff fanatics/drama students rob his final resting place and take his body back to his mansion where a lot of his classic horror films were shot for one last tribute. Despite the fact it’s highly illegal to break into someone’s house, they spend the night toasting Conrad’s corpse, dancing, drinking and dying.


Turns out Conrad, while not quite stinking but still dead, somehow isn’t. Retribution from beyond the grave comes in the form of a ripped out tongue, a chick being burned alive, impalement, suffocating crypt vapors and decapitation.


Nothing to lose your head over, but this Frightmare isn’t much of a frightmare at all. Blame the cheesy lighting and sound effects and Conrad’s cartoonish persona. (Yeah, I now he died, but he just won’t stay dead.) As a bonus, there’s a videotaped message from Conrad from beyond, telling us he’ll see us all in Hell. Does watching this highly derivative “horror” movie count?

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