A Ghost That Could Use Swimming Lessons

Lake Mungo

Alice doesn’t live here anymore. Not since sucking up half of Lake Mungo, that is. Pretty 16 year-old Alice Palmer went spent the day at the lake, swimming and enjoying a nice pre-Christmas family outing, when she went under and never came back up. Way to wreck the day for everybody, Alice.

Lake Mungo

What follows is a believable documentary based on not only the tragic events, but what happened after. You’d think that her waterlogged corpse (not shown here because it’s really icky) being pulled from the lake bottom would be the end of it. But unexplainable noises and ghost images showing up on videotapes suggest otherwise.

Alice’s grief-stricken family is gooned out enough to call in a parapsychologist to help make sense of Alice’s spooky visage appearing in the footage made by her brother, who set up cameras all over the house. This photographic evidence convinces the parents that maybe the body buried in Alice’s grave might not be their daughter after all. OK, that’s messed up.

Lake Mungo

Then an out-of-nowhere swerve is revealed and the reason behind Alice’s death gets even more grim. Using cell phone and home video camera footage, we’re shown that Alice has a sickening secret that plays into what went down (besides her).

Lake Mungo

The movie’s realism will creep you out, as will the ghost stuff. But it pales in comparison to Alice’s last days with her Australian friends and family. Throwing a final curve ball, an eerie premonition caught on tape messes with your mind. (For more chills, stay through the credits.)

No goofy scare jolts or dumb hauntings, Lake Mungo (2010) is just a hugely creepy, quietly intense ghost story from Down Under (Australia, not the lake – although it works both ways.)

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