Ghost Shoes

The Red Shoes

Women possessed by shoes? I never heard of such a thing. But then, that’s the case with The Red Shoes (2005), which stars a pair of stylishly demonic crimson kicks.

The shoes, it should be noted, are not red. They are pink. And possessed. Still, they seem to go with anything in the freshly-divorced Sun-jae’s wardrobe.

The Red ShoesFinding the fashionable high-heels in the subway, she seems abnormally attracted to them. The shoes belonged to a dead woman who wants whoever wears them to do her bidding. To put them on means these shoes are to die for.

The Red Shoes

The plot takes so many detours, you’ll need a map to get through it. But it is an intriguing story about the shoes and why women go so bonkers over ’em. Ghosts, freak accidents, blood, marital strife, lighter fluid, revenge…just your average Nordstrom’s™ shoe sale.

The Red Shoes

And the red shoes themselves? As it so happens I’m wearing ’em right now. You wouldn’t think, but they go really good with my Metallica Kill ’Em All tee-shirt.

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