Pottery Talk

Jug Face

Jug Face. Cool name. Sounds like a something a frat pledge would be called. And what neighborhood when you were growing up didn’t have at least two Jug Faces down the street?

Jug Face is a horror movie that either came out last January 2013 or is about to be released. Man, I just can’t keep track of all this stuff. (Anyone see where I left my pants?)

Like my pants, here’s what went down…

Jug Face

“A potter in a backwoods community has created a ceramic jug. On this jug is a likeness of the person who will be sacrificed to the creature who lives in the pit. When Ada sees her image on the jug, she hides it in order to save her life and that of her unborn child. However, if she does not sacrifice herself, the creature will kill everyone in the village.”

Jug Face

Tough call. I’m gonna have to go with not sacrificing myself and let the creature create some “new on the market” rentals in the village.


Wonder if Jug Face is somehow related to Archie’s slow friend, Jughead, the one who, because of his unfortunate nickname, will never get a taste of Betty OR Veronica. Sucks to be Jughead. And Jug Face.

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