The Navy Goes Time Traveling

The Philadelphia Experiment

A 1943 experiment in invisible radar did its job and turned the Navy’s™ U.S.S. Eldridge invisible. Swish – nothin’ but net.

But the ambitious project created a time vortex and two guys are sent into the future. Not too far ahead (1984), but ahead all the same. The people from the past marvel over our advanced technology: electric can openers…bus passes…Atari supercomputers.

The Philadelphia Experiment

But with all tales of traveling time, they must get back before the time-disrupting vortex, which has been sucking up surface stuff, destroys everything and everyone with a can opener/bus pass.

The Philadelphia Experiment

One of the guys meets his girlfriend from back in the day. She’s way old now and not the hot trim she was back in the ’40s. Way too heavy – time to jump back into the vortex.

The Philadelphia Experiment

Back on board the Eldridge, which at the time of the initial experiment/accident, left a bunch of brave fighting men burned and fused into the ship’s hull.

Not too shabby of a sci-fi time travel flick, with lots of ’80s styled special effects (swirly lights – I just love those things, even though I am NOT a hippie).

The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment (1984) was based on an actual experiment by the Navy to render the commissioned battleship U.S.S. Eldridge invisible to radar so we could roll up on our enemies and blast ’em into donut holes. Not sure if it worked. The movie did, though.

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