Dracula Vs. Rock ‘N Roll

Killer Barbys vs. Dracula

The only thing good about Killer Barbys vs. Dracula (2002), a no-budget, pseudo campy vampire/rock ’n roll flick, is the title.

Killer Barbys vs. Dracula

Dracula is bald and wears a cape with a collar so high it looks like one of those cones you wrap around dog’s heads to keep them from licking their puppy privates. His fangs are clip-ons, as are his pure white finger nails. Drac flaps his cape like he was trying trying to become airborne (he never gets off the ground) and runs around in daylight, attacking people at a Spain theme park while the rock band Killer Barbys play entire songs with painful choruses that never seem to end.

Killer Barbys vs. Dracula

Silvia, the Killer Barbys’ lead singer, dresses like Barbarella, but never undresses like Barbarella.

When asked by a journalist why he’s such a bastard, Dracula replies, “Because I had a bad childhood.” Vampires should leave the comedy to comedians. The plot appears to be entirely impov, meaning that Dracula isn’t the only one who sucks.

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