Yep, There’s Definitely Something Under Your Bed

Under The Bed

Under the Bed, a different kind of home invasion horror movie, crawls from beneath the covers on July 30, 2013 and will be available on DVD and Blu-ray (it’s been up for public viewing on VOD for a smidge now).

If the DVD cover doesn’t grab you, maybe the plot will: “Every child knows about the monster under the bed – Neal Hausman’s mistake was trying to fight it. Neal  has returned from a two-year exile following his tragic attempt to defeat the monster, only to find his father ticking ever closer to a breakdown, a new stepmother who fears him, and his little brother Paul, terrorized by the same monster.”

Under The Bed

“While Neal and Paul work together to try and fight the nocturnal menace, their parents are taking desperate measures to get the family back to normal. With no support from their parents, the brothers have nothing to rely on but each other, and courage beyond belief.”

Under The Bed

Sounds like a heckuva lot of plot getting in the way of a good story line. Nevertheless, who among us as a kid has not made many a mattress moist, fearing there was something under the bed, waiting to eat your face and to steal at least one sock laying on the floor?

Under The Bed

Under The Bed prompted me to actually look under my bed, something I haven’t done in years. Here’s the inventory: (1) Motorhead shirt that I could’ve sworn fit five years ago. Lack of daylight appears to have made it shrink; (2) packs of M&Ms™ (peanut), freshness expired 1993; a guitar, symbolically representing my shelved dreams to rock out and have you pay me to rock out; (1) red vine, now fossilized; a baseball sized spider; an empty beer can, no doubt made so by the baseball sized spider; snow, which may actually be dust that hasn’t gone through the spring thaw process yet.

I think I’ll put off looking in the closet for another year. The “under the bed” experience was just too traumatic.

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