Hardcore Horror


Necromentia (2009) is a highly stylish homage to Hellraiser (1987), with several stories about going to Hell (where I live), necrophilia (swapping spit/autopsy fluids with the dead), Goth (a style ethic you can buy at the mall), Emo (crying/whining/moping), S&M (you and your sex partner punching each other while doing it), and the gouging of face with a gasoline-powered sharp thing.


The movie’s demon talks like Saw’s Jigsaw and out S&M’s Hellraiser’s Pinhead. And the gore looks painful – a guy has a Ouija™ board carved into his back fat in order to facilitate his journey into Hell to retrieve his dead girlfriend, whose body he’s been taking a LOT of liberties with.

Necromentia Necromentia’s story line is as hard to follow as the path to Hell. But for an indie, it looks amazingly graphic and grimy. Then again, if you’re gonna have a guy wearing a pig’s head, hardcore masochism and spooky demon voices, you can’t have a garden of spring flowers and singing lawn mowers. It would totally kill the mood.


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