Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead

Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead

Geez, there sure are a lot of corpses (or “rot bods”) buried everywhere you step in ancient Japan. These suckers pop out of the ground at the slightest provocation and have maggots in their eye sockets, yet still retain their kung-fu fighting skills. I wish I could do that. Not the maggot-in-my-eye part – that’d be way too icky.

Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead

A good monk (White), along with his sidekicks, Fire (in his 20s) and Sun (12) are escorting 10 vampires to their final resting place outside of town. This pisses off the bad Monk (Black), a former colleague and kung-fu master. He doesn’t think vampires are worthy of having their soul redeemed and wants to kick them in their undead asses. I kinda side with Black on this one because hey, vampires.

White insists everyone should be buried with respect and honor and have their souls reincarnated as fire butterflies to go where fire butterflies go (probably Mothra’s crib).

Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead

When an evil warlord/vampire/zombie/model appears out of freakin’ nowhere, White and Black knock heads to see which one gets the glory of beating down this crusty butthook. Both perform the kind of high-flying ninja moves you’d expect from someone with that level of skill and chanting.

Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead

Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead (2004) has cool rapid-fire special effects, but not as mind-blowing as in the sequel Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead: Ultimate Power (2006). Lots of comedic pratfalls, most of which distract from the task at hand: to kick evil right in the dishonorable noodle bowl. Still, plenty of fun and zombies and maggots and hopping vampires. Yes, I said hopping.

2 Responses to “Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead”

  1. Shieldheart Says:

    “Geez, there sure are a lot of corpses (or “rot bods”) buried everywhere you step” >>> Not exactly wrong though =)) …and buried them in asphalt-road :v

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