One Hell of a Boy

The Boy From Hell

After her young son stuck his head out the car window and a passing garbage truck decapitated it, Dr. Setsu Emma did what any grieving mother would do – bury her kid in a field.

The Boy From Hell

While this saved on funeral costs, it probably wasn’t the smartest of maneuvers as an old wretched hag shows up and offers her advice on how to bring him back from the dead.

With the help of a mystical fang tooth, all Setsu has to do is find a boy of equal age, hog-tie him, slice his throat, let the blood leak down upon her son’s econo-grave, and presto – problem solved.

The Boy From Hell

She does all of this, but when Daio, the headless kid, comes back to life (it’s only been 24 hours since zing!), his body is misshapen, his face is all clay-like, he has vampire teeth and his eyes look like a frog with hay fever. And he craves human organs.

But mom doesn’t care because the kid is alive. Fortunately, she just happened to have a cage in her attic in which to keep him on account of that whole organ-eating thing.

Daio escapes and eats chunks out of a woman who probably didn’t want to have chunks eaten out of her. As Daio’s flesh-feasting gets more intense, the cop closes in and everyone gets shot, sprays blood and makes a mess on the floor.

The Boy From Hell

As fun as this all sounds, it’s a bit “meh” as the gore and makeup are comic book (it was inspired by Hideshi Hino’s Theater of Horror Hexalogy manga) and the whole thing is cartoonish.

The Boy From Hell/2004 is not without a few good moments: Daio in Hell as a giant who eats screaming/burning bodies, mom dismembering Daio with a knife, then with a chainsaw when the knife becomes dull.

No one loves you like your mother.

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