Ripping Off Giant Monsters

Atlantic Rim

The Asylum – the world’s most accomplished cinematically-challenged bottomfeeders – have lowered the bar for themselves yet again.

After years of bold face copying (i.e., ripping off) dozens of blockbuster horror and sci-fi movies – in many cases BEFORE the big budget movies even come out – you’d think they couldn’t slide any further down the gutter. And you’d be wrong. Now, on the eve of the July 12, 2013 release of Pacific Rim, a highly anticipated sci-fi giant robot/monster romp, comes Asylum’s quickie knock-off, Atlantic Rim – WITH THE SAME PREMISE.

Atlantic Rim

I know where giant robots and giant monsters come from. But where the hell are the copyright attorneys?

Pacific Rim’s synopsis: “When an alien attack threatens the Earth’s existence, giant robots piloted by humans are deployed to fight off the menace.”

Atlantic Rim’s synopsis: “Giant monsters rise from the depths (or are they aliens from outer space?). Humans build giant mecha with which to defend themselves.”

Have you ever bought an “authentic” Rolex™ watch displayed on a filthy blanket laying on the sidewalk from a street vendor in New York City?

Atlantic Rim

This is nothing new. The Asylum is infamously notorious for sticking their weenie in other people’s campfires: Jack The Giant Killer, 30,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies, Battle of Los Angeles, Snakes on a Train, Transmorphers: Fall of Man, Paranormal Entity, Almighty Thor. And like a clogged toilet, they have a lot more in the pipes.

Atlantic Rim

While the SyFy Channel™ remains The Asylum’s key enabler (if you’re gonna sell crap, you need a toilet paper salesman), there are some of you who think this “re-purposing” is all in good fun and OK. I am not one of you, and think the next project Asylum’s releases should be on Court TV.

6 Responses to “Ripping Off Giant Monsters”

  1. They weren’t sued? Even the name can cause confusion and even tarnish the original title, I just found this blog because I actually thought it was the movie advertised in theaters because of the name… then I started thinking wow this is a pile of crap and went looking up the details…come to find out it’s not the real movie.

  2. For me, the worst thing is that they are doing as if it were an anime and this is not an anime, it is a movie. Pacific Rim was good because it was realistic. Robots that fly and shoot laser beams arm is ridiculous.

  3. Meh it just makes me like the real thing more once i suffer through an asylum movie.

    • I think I’d rather just like the original movie less if it saves me an hour and a half of my life wasted on watching one of these awful excuses for movies. The acting usually causes my skin to crawl and don’t get me started on the not so special effects. I found this blog discussing The Asylum with a friend who didn’t know of them but was complaining about a bunch of “crappy” movies his friend gave him. Sure enough just about every film he was referring to was all thanks to The Asylum. I understand the reference to the Rolex on the blanket from the street vendor. If it looks like a Rolex and it says Rolex then its worth the twenty bucks you haggle down to. However in the case of Asylum movies, which neither look like the real thing and always have similar yet not quite the same name as the movie it would be more fitting to compare them the authentic Bolex you get from the guy who claims it’s just a spelling mistake made at the factory… 😛
      That being said. These movies will be around as long as there are people to watch them. Some people are suckers for punishment and watch these films in the hopes that the next one they watch will be worth it and that will make up for all the rubbish ones they have watched. Then there are the people who say they watch them because it’s fun to make fun of them. I have a friend who says he watches WWE for the same reason. Bull$#@! he watches it because he wants to! it’s the same for these movies. I fear that the majority of people who rent these films are connoisseurs of some sort of recreational drug and the reason they rent these is because: (a) They have seen everything else in the video store (probably more than once too), (b) they have possibly even seen the Asylum movie they are about to rent but were just too baked to realise it, (c) the prolonged use of said drugs have done so much damage they actually think that they enjoy these films or (d) all of the above.
      I suspect we have only seen the beginning of these films (just chuckling to myself coz I thought that’s pretty much all I’ve seen of some of these movies…the beginning) 😛
      We could all just hope that a lawsuit arises and puts the Asylum out of the movie making business. There is always hope.

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