Sabbath Not So Bloody Sabbath

Black Sabbath

How can you call a movie Black Sabbath (1963) and not have Ozzy Osbourne or Tony Iommi in it? There needs to be a ruling on this.

Black Sabbath

Three stories of horribleness, bookended by a corny but classic Boris Karloff, horror icon supreme. There’s a nurse in the 1900s has to prep the body of a psychic woman (or “spiritualist”) who died while channeling the dead. The nurse takes a valuable ring off the way scary looking woman’s hand. Guess who eventually wants it back? No, really – guess.

Black Sabbath

Then there’s a really hot prostitute named Rosy whose phone keeps ringing with one of her dead clients on the other side, tormenting her with telemarketing scams from beyond. Rosy, however gooned out, does not rip her bra off in terror.

Black Sabbath

The last story has a grandfather becoming a vampire and sucking on his little grandson. OK, that did NOT come out the way I intended. Though the tale is flat, the little kid, buried out in the yard, comes back in the movie’s best creep out scene. Everything else, been there, haunted that, phoned that, vampire bit that.

One Response to “Sabbath Not So Bloody Sabbath”

  1. Ah, the movie so scary that the band was named after it… legend has it that Tommy saw the movie while they were struggling to find a name for the band to launch their new sound under, so impressed was he with the movie that the band was named in homage.

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