The Hatching – What A Croc

The Hatching

Lately I’ve been wondering what it would be like to have a crocodile for a best friend.

Aside from the obvious drawbacks (your limbs make excellent snacks), the perks are plenty. Stupid zebras drinking out of your bath tub? Snappo. Monkeys peeing in your pool? Chomp, chomp, fizz, fizz. Noisy neighbors? Hop a’board the chew chew train, b*tches. The list is endless. And hey, if you ever get tired of your croc-o-buddy, new shoes!

Which is why I’m excited for the impending (as of this bloggety blog) crocodile gone mad flick, The Hatching. Check out the riveting plot…

“Tim, a teenager at boarding school, and his friends Baggy and Nick take a dare to sneak out of the dormitory and steal crocodile eggs from a nearby zoo. But the prank ends in tragedy with Nick being killed. It appears the time has come for both Baggy and Tim to pay for their actions of years ago. Those crocodile eggs that came home with Tim hatched!”

Two things – who in tarnation would name their kid “Baggy”? A name like that deserves to be eaten alive by, oh, I don’t know…A CROCODILE, perhaps? Secondly, there’s more than one crocodile on the loose. This means one thing: entertainment of the highest order. And really, what is a crocodile but a shark with legs?

Can’t wait ’til this movie hatches. Heh.

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