That ’70s UFO

The UFO Incident

The UFO Incident (1975) TV movie is based on a TRUE story about the world’s first reported UFO abduction.

On September 19, 1961, while driving through the New Hampshire White Mountains – without abduction-proof seat belts on – Barney and Betty Hill witness a glowing light in the sky. (In modern times, we call it “the moon.”) But this “moon” follows and forces them to pull over. Next thing you know B&B are back on the road, heading home – and it’s hours later. WTF?

The UFO Incident

As days go by both are plagued by anxiety, enough to go to a hypno-therapist who puts them under and records their incredible tale of being taken aboard a spacecraft, stripped, lubed, tubed and finger-examined by small alien “gynecologists.”

This story made headlines all over the world when it happened, and the movie does a darng cool job of re-enacting it.

The UFO Incident

I find it ironic that James Earl Jones, who played Barney Hill, was the voice of Star Wars (1977) Darth Vader. A guy from outer space getting probed by aliens. That’s rich.

Betty & Barney Hill

There’s a ton of books about this TRUE incident. But since I can’t read, I just watched the moving picture show. I believe, man.

P.S. Don’t do drugs.

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  1. The UFO Incident
    I seen this back in 1975 was it real how knows it was something new for TV back then

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