A Perfect Storm…of EVIL

Storm of the Century

On the Atlantic coastal community of Little Tall, the island residents are in for a blow job. No, porn star Jenna Jameson isn’t coming to town to do charitable work, but rather an apocalyptic weather front that’s forecasted to bury the hapless hicks redneck-deep in snow, surf-able waves, and…evil.

Storm of the Century

An eerie strange stranger metaphorically shows up the same time the monster storm begins its urban renewal. He kills an old lady by ripping her face off, allows himself to be incarcerated, then proceeds to reveal all the filthy secrets of the town’s inhabitants. (Whew – good thing I don’t live there.)

Storm of the Century

The stranger systematically offs people one by one, insisting over and over, “Give me what I want and I’ll go away.” We find out this isn’t beer, but something almost as valuable.

Storm of the Century

Even though this TV mini-series is a surprisingly bloody flick and is over four hours long, the story eventually sucks you in and gets decently intense during the final scene. (You WILL pucker down “there.”)

Stephen King’s Storm of the Century (1999) resembles King’s own Needful Things (1993) almost to the point of self-plagiarism. But hey, if you’re gonna rip off anything, it may as well be yourself.

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