Treehouse of Horror


Here’s one of those “ethical” questions: If you were out walking in the woods and saw a bear crapping in said woods, would you report said bear to the authorities? Yep – me, too. You can’t let stuff like this go unreported.

Here’s another one: If you were out walking in the woods and saw dead bodies hanging from the trees, would you also keep a sharp eye out so that you didn’t step in any bear crap? I see we’re on the same page here.

The hanging bodies are courtesy of the upcoming Treehouse, a self described dark, coming-of-age thriller set in the heartland of rural America. The impending horror flick concerns the journeys of two teenagers, whose lives intersect one cold night in an old treehouse deep in the forest. I bet that forest is loaded with bears recycling berries and raccoon sausage.

Here’s more of the intriguing Treehouse’s plot:

“After the sudden disappearance of a local brother and sister, the town of Westlake is put under a curfew by local law enforcement. The annual fair is canceled, much to the annoyance of two brothers attending Bayscout High. They decide to sneak into the woods that night to meet some local girls and shoot off some fireworks.”

“What follows is a nightmare journey into Hell as the “things” within the woods lay siege to the treehouse. It is only a matter of time before the treehouse – their sanctuary – eventually becomes their tomb.”

Hmm, no mention of bears. I’m thinking they somehow factor in, though. I bet the bears eat said fireworks, and in an explosive bowel horizon event splatter the local flora and fauna with…

Geez, I really need to lay off the berry-flavored cough syrup.

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