Blow-Dried Sci-Fi

Deep Space

Deep Space (1988), a craptacular sci-fi movie, is also known as L’Invasion des cocons, whatever that is.

A  hungry alien arrives on Earth in a ball of flame. When it cools down, it looks like a huge turd, all brown, lumpy and steaming. When it hatches it looks like a snap together version of H. R. Giger’s Alien.

Deep Space

When feeling peckish, the alien monster shoots out mouth whips to snare its prey, then drag you/it onto the dinner plate that is its intergalactic pie hole. Every time you see the beast, it’s surrounded by flashing strobe lights. It must come from the Disco Nebula.

Deep Space

More of a cop movie with sci-fi elements, a street-hardened detective tracks the creature and introduces it to a good ’ol Earth-made chainsaw. Everybody not from outer space looks like they just walked out of 1979, with blow-dried hair and aviator sunglasses. Hey, if you’re gonna be in a movie that sucks, might as well look cool.

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