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Supermodels vs. The Yeti

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In Abominable (2006), a man crippled in a climbing incident on Suicide Mountain (how did he not see that coming?) has to go back to the very cabin he shared with his mountain wife before she was killed in half by a 1,000 foot freestyle dive into some pointy rocks. Something about grief therapy. Sucks to be him.

Then five supermodels show up and move into a neighboring cabin. One door closes and one door opens for the crippled man.


Later, crippled man witnesses an attack on one of the girls. The supermodels argue about what to do, and one of ’em gets a drink thrown in her face. You know what that means – a hot soapy shower.

Through binoculars the crippled man watches her slowly scrub all that sticky vodka off her bountiful geography, and sees a hairy arm bash through the bathroom window and pull the screaming-yet-sparkling clean woman through it, which snaps her in half.


The hairy armed creature then busts into the house and in one knee-splappingly funny scene, punches his way through the ceiling, grabs the girl on the second floor, then bites her neck as though it were a chocolate-covered raccoon.


From this point on it’s a game of hide and shriek, with the monster redefining the term “fast food.” And the creature? Bigfoot has a cousin. From that snow-covered place. You know who/what it is. Don’t make me assign homework.

That ’70s UFO

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The UFO Incident

The UFO Incident (1975) TV movie is based on a TRUE story about the world’s first reported UFO abduction.

On September 19, 1961, while driving through the New Hampshire White Mountains – without abduction-proof seat belts on – Barney and Betty Hill witness a glowing light in the sky. (In modern times, we call it “the moon.”) But this “moon” follows and forces them to pull over. Next thing you know B&B are back on the road, heading home – and it’s hours later. WTF?

The UFO Incident

As days go by both are plagued by anxiety, enough to go to a hypno-therapist who puts them under and records their incredible tale of being taken aboard a spacecraft, stripped, lubed, tubed and finger-examined by small alien “gynecologists.”

This story made headlines all over the world when it happened, and the movie does a darng cool job of re-enacting it.

The UFO Incident

I find it ironic that James Earl Jones, who played Barney Hill, was the voice of Star Wars (1977) Darth Vader. A guy from outer space getting probed by aliens. That’s rich.

Betty & Barney Hill

There’s a ton of books about this TRUE incident. But since I can’t read, I just watched the moving picture show. I believe, man.

P.S. Don’t do drugs.

The Jersey Devil: One Horn-y Dude

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13th Child: Legend of the Jersey Devil

Taking liberal liberties with the TRUE story of the Jersey Devil, a series of vicious murders (i.e., bodily dismemberments, decapitations, torn shirts) plague the spooky Pine Barrens in New Jersey. (There’s a new Jersey?). A special investigator from the city is sent to check out that action and discovers the Jersey Devil is an actuality, versus someone going around acting like the Jersey Devil.

Cliff Robertson (Spider-Man’s uncle, sportin’ some terrifying hair plugs) playing the creepy Mr. Shroud, is a “naturalist” who lives in the middle of the Pine Barrens and studies all of nature’s gangstas – and he’ll protect them “at all costs.” His words, not mine.

13th Child: Legend of the Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil (named Bruno – I am so not making that up) is reputed to be the 13th child of a Shaman, who clearly used Viagra™ instead of magic or cold booze to get baker’s dozen busy. Having an Indian “witch doctor” for a dad may account for Bruno’s supernatural aspects: glowing eyes (no big – mine glow after three PBR™ tallboys), mega bull horns like that Darkness dude in Legend (1985), and the ability to fly. (Jersey doesn’t get any air time this time, though.)

13th Child: Legend of the Jersey Devil Here’s where mythos goes off the track. The REAL Jersey Devil was the 13th child of a freakishly fertile white chick in 1735. Upon finding out she was knocked up with no. 12, she said she’d rather have the Devil’s child than another squalling brat. Ask and ye shall receive.

This Jersey Devil is a 200 year-old hybrid of spiders, bats, snakes, goats, bears and the Alien (that’s what it looked like to me, anyway). Uncomfortably unnecessary segments include two teens trying to accomplish naked what clothes have been preventing them from doing, and Robert Guillaume (TV’s Benson) as an inmate at the New Jersey Mental Health Institution (there’s an oxymoron), who knows Jersey’s secret and somehow transports out of his confines to show up at the last minute to “save the girl,” the aforementioned special agent.

13th Child: Legend of the Jersey Devil

Endless plodding and plot-stalling are but one of 13 reasons 13th Child: Legend of the Jersey Devil (2002) needs to go back to the Pine Barrens and try to be more like the REAL Jersey Devil. I’d list the other 12 reasons, but my glowing eyes are bothering me right now.

A Perfect Storm…of EVIL

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Storm of the Century

On the Atlantic coastal community of Little Tall, the island residents are in for a blow job. No, porn star Jenna Jameson isn’t coming to town to do charitable work, but rather an apocalyptic weather front that’s forecasted to bury the hapless hicks redneck-deep in snow, surf-able waves, and…evil.

Storm of the Century

An eerie strange stranger metaphorically shows up the same time the monster storm begins its urban renewal. He kills an old lady by ripping her face off, allows himself to be incarcerated, then proceeds to reveal all the filthy secrets of the town’s inhabitants. (Whew – good thing I don’t live there.)

Storm of the Century

The stranger systematically offs people one by one, insisting over and over, “Give me what I want and I’ll go away.” We find out this isn’t beer, but something almost as valuable.

Storm of the Century

Even though this TV mini-series is a surprisingly bloody flick and is over four hours long, the story eventually sucks you in and gets decently intense during the final scene. (You WILL pucker down “there.”)

Stephen King’s Storm of the Century (1999) resembles King’s own Needful Things (1993) almost to the point of self-plagiarism. But hey, if you’re gonna rip off anything, it may as well be yourself.

Treehouse of Horror

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Here’s one of those “ethical” questions: If you were out walking in the woods and saw a bear crapping in said woods, would you report said bear to the authorities? Yep – me, too. You can’t let stuff like this go unreported.

Here’s another one: If you were out walking in the woods and saw dead bodies hanging from the trees, would you also keep a sharp eye out so that you didn’t step in any bear crap? I see we’re on the same page here.

The hanging bodies are courtesy of the upcoming Treehouse, a self described dark, coming-of-age thriller set in the heartland of rural America. The impending horror flick concerns the journeys of two teenagers, whose lives intersect one cold night in an old treehouse deep in the forest. I bet that forest is loaded with bears recycling berries and raccoon sausage.

Here’s more of the intriguing Treehouse’s plot:

“After the sudden disappearance of a local brother and sister, the town of Westlake is put under a curfew by local law enforcement. The annual fair is canceled, much to the annoyance of two brothers attending Bayscout High. They decide to sneak into the woods that night to meet some local girls and shoot off some fireworks.”

“What follows is a nightmare journey into Hell as the “things” within the woods lay siege to the treehouse. It is only a matter of time before the treehouse – their sanctuary – eventually becomes their tomb.”

Hmm, no mention of bears. I’m thinking they somehow factor in, though. I bet the bears eat said fireworks, and in an explosive bowel horizon event splatter the local flora and fauna with…

Geez, I really need to lay off the berry-flavored cough syrup.

Wash Your Hellmouth Out With Soap

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Hellmouth – great name for a horror movie. Or a Swedish death metal band. Or a brand of language that can only be rendered civil by bar soap.

But before you go off to join a Swedish death metal band or use words that would invoke your mom’s primary objective, Hellmouth is a horror movie that will hopefully be brought to you by the production team behind Monster Brawl/2011 (pro wrestling monsters – freaking brilliant) and Exit Humanity (2011), a superior/tasty Civil War-era zombie movie that has all of the fun and none of the calories. I don’t know what that means.

The reason I say hopefully is because Hellmouth needs you to put your money where YOUR hell mouth is. Yep, they need funding via, with pledge levels starting at $5 (Facebook shout out) all the way up to $10,000 (Executive Producer credit and a pile of other cool stuff that may or may not include bar soap).

Before you go back to surfing (not for kiddies, kids), here’s what the hell Hellmouth is all about…

Hellmouth is a harrowing story of one man’s torturous battle with the world’s most horrific ghouls and ghosts in a graveyard that turns reality into outer world fiction.”

I’m sold – can someone loan me $10,000? Once I get the money in hand, I’ll click on over to their Indiegogo page (RIGHT HERE) and help them get this masterpiece made. Because hey, horrific ghouls and ghosts. They’re HORRIFIC, people.

Pocket-Sized Soul

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Four teens with nary a driving skill between them crash their car. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.

They were all supposed to die, but didn’t. Even though the comatose bodies were taken to the hospital, their souls, which look a heckuva lot like their bodies, run around while the Soultaker hunts them down to make them 100% deceased instead of only 98.3% dead.


The taker of souls doesn’t look too imposing: long black leather coat, motorcycle boots, nice hair that could use some Just For Men™ to take out the grey around the temples, a collection of harvested souls in his pocket.


To complicate this matter, one of the hot chicks he’s chasing was his boinking mate in his previous life. But there are rules about not taking souls, as the Angel of Death himself arrives on the scene to lay a little corporate down-sizing on the procedure-ignoring Taker.


The race is on for the screamy teens to get to their bodies in the hospital before A of D, with his weird, big-jowled face, sucks their chi into his pocket.


While you and I are e-chatting, when a soul gets appropriated, it glows and poof, it’s gone. No sparks, colored smoke or other nicely-packaged illegal fireworks to commemorate your last moment on Earth. The movie’s best line: “Led Zeppelin was wrong, man – there is no Stairway to Heaven.” I KNEW it.

Soultaker (1990) had a lot of potential, but it chose to go the standard “chase teens and kill them” route. If the Soultaker comes for me, I’ll kick him.