Slimy Fish God


Dagon is a slimy fish god who lives in the ocean and craves a supermodel to mate with in order to create a hybrid thingamajig (minus a slice of lemon and a side of tartar).

An island of smelly fishermen who couldn’t catch any fish summoned Dagon for a little help. Big D rewarded them with many stinky fish and gold and promised them eternal life, only if they revoke their Christianity permits.


As with all blasphemy, however, there’s a price to be paid. The island residents are slowing mutating into grotesque fish creatures who make noises that sound like a cross between a defective whoopee cushion and Flipper going through withdrawals.


A sailboat carrying a nerd and a stripper quality wife make it to the cursed island after the vessel, as if piloted by Gilligan himself, smashes into a sea rock. While trying to get some help, the couple is separated and the nerdy guy spends the whole movie trying to escape from the squishy, slimy cod folk.


His wife, unfortunately, is up to her gills in trouble as she’s selected to be the host for Dagon’s perverted mating ritual. Meanwhile, nerdy husband, who dreamt of topless mermaids with piranha teeth, finds out he may not be what he thought he was.


His new girlfriend is hot for his caviar, but she has tentacles and smells like fish, which is a turn-off come spawning time. The salmon people look really cool, though Dagon himself is a disappointing combination of Art Institute computer effects and wet fart sounds.


The best part – other than the sacrificial stripper being lowered into the aquatic dwelling of Dagon – is the de-skinning of a drunken bum’s head. In a really flinchy scene, the fish people cut around the bum’s head and eyes and pull his skin clean off, as though removing a really tight knit cap. A different sort of haircut, it provides them new faces to wear until their mutation is complete. You already know the ending.

Dagon (2001) is sick, horrifying and repulsive, which means fun for all!

One Response to “Slimy Fish God”

  1. Scott Gilardi Says:

    I first saw this when was on a b movie horror spree four or five years ago and man I must’v been high as hell cause I tried watching it sober when i was waiting to get my cable set up and i was like “holy shit I use to smoke and drink way too much” other movies I watched like ten times that summer “Street Trash” “Motel Hell” “Henry” to name a few. Overall the story of this movie is based on “The Shadow over Innsmouth” which wasn’t as bad as the movie. Overall though I kinda liked it, but its way more enjoyable under the influence.

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