Rodan – Flapping Destruction


Car-sized bugs are eating the workers in an underground mining operation. (The miners were mining for car-sized bugs).


Upon further investigation (i.e., or aiyeee!), following the bugs deeper underground, a giant egg is discovered. And right as the authorities get there, the egg cracks open and an airplane-sized bird creature pops out. Talk about timing.


The bird is instantly hungry and starts eating the bugs. Okay, that problem solved. But the bird emerges from his shell and takes off, flying at supersonic speeds around the world. Since he’s moving so fast, people think it’s a UFO, which it kinda is because they don’t know what the hell it could be, hence the term “unidentified.”


Through with his site-seeing trip, the bird (or “Rodan” – pronounced “Row Dan”) ends up back where he started and begins re-designing the landscape with his whooshing around.

Navy jets are in pursuit, but Rodan can dive into the water, whereas they can’t. The city is being ravaged by the hurricane-winds kicked up by Rodan’s super-speed wing flapping and beak of doom. The blown humans might have figured out a way to bug-slap the monster, but all of a sudden, there’s TWO RODANS! Dang and/or curse the luck.


I’m told this was the first monster movie filmed in color. I could’ve checked, but didn’t get around to it. But even in black and white, this Rodan (1956) would still rock and/or roll.

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