Putting A Face On A Faceless Monster

The Faceless Monster

I think The Faceless Monster (1965) was also called Night of the Doomed and Nightmare Castle and Amanti d’oltretomba. I could be wrong. But rarely am I that.

Married to a scientist who experiments with serums, the stinkingly rich, Goth gorgeous, and bored Mrs. Muriel Arrowsmith can’t wait for her husband to leave so she can play with the handsome groundskeeper’s willy.

The Faceless Monster

Caught in the clinch, both are chained to a wall, tortured, then electrocuted to emphasize that crimes of the groin does not pay. But Stephen Arrowsmith isn’t about to give up his electrifying wife’s money, which was willed to her mentally disturbed  sister.

The Faceless Monster

In a bold maneuver Stephen marries Jenny, his newly dead wife’s twin sis, whose been in a mental health “care” facility. The idea being to re-drive her mad and get custody of the estate. Complicated, yes. But I give him points for thinking on his feet.

Assisted by Solange, his mistress/maid/model/actress, if they can succeed in pushing Jenny over sanity’s guard rail, they’ll split the money and experiment on more serum, which Solange needs to keep her face from rotting off. She could also use some lipstick.

The Faceless Monster

Jenny’s handsome doctor is called in to verify her lack of marble control. But the doctor, besides wearing a shiny vest and looking all that, suspects something is askew – and it ain’t Jenny’s factory-second noodle. Throw in the fact Muriel comes back from the dead to repossess her sister, and you have some madcap adventures.

The Faceless Monster

Star Barbara Steele – looking like a cross between Elizabeth Taylor and Peter Lorre – comes back from the land of not living with half her face scorched and bubbled by the electrocution hot-plate special. This doesn’t seem to bother her as she laughs like a broken hyena almost the entire movie.

The Faceless Monster

Her lover also returns from the dead with a big crack in his forehead (thank the kind doctor for that). But even as a ghost he’s easy to knock down, and smoke makes him cough. Go figure.

But hey, The Faceless Monster is cheesy old school horror fun, with plenty of melt-y faces for everyone.

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