A Handful of Horror

The Hand

A successful cartoonist loses his drawing hand in a freak accident. He stuck his arm out the car window and zing! Oh no! + ouch! = screaming. Time for a career change (music conductor comes to mind).

The Hand

His wife leaves him because she has two boobs, but he can only feel them up one at a time. The newspaper that syndicates his long-running strip hires a younger guy with two hands to keep the cartoon going and to draw it for ’ol Lefty. He even tries training his remaining fingers to draw, but like pleasuring yourself in an impure manner with the other hand, it just doesn’t work.

The Hand

Now he’s getting pot-boilingly pissed. His anger brings back his severed hand, crawling through the grass where dogs poop, where it does the only thing it can do: choke people to death. (This looks like it was done with a stunt stump.)

The Hand

The hand is a metaphor for the artist’s seething rage. But he should’ve at least washed it before making it kill people. I have to hand it to The Hand (1981), though – nicely depressing movie.

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    You had me at punk rock space ghost.

    Must. Have.

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