Samurai Werewolf


Kibakichi (2004) is a samurai werewolf who wears a hat that looks like an upside down bundt cake pan. His shoes and clothes are made of stylish rags and his eyebrows could seriously use some plucking. When not barking up the wrong tree, Kibakichi wanders the countryside – friendless and needing a bath – with no one to scratch his belly.


Those he does encounter think Kibakichi’s an easy mark. They think wrong, and get their heads zinged off for their insolence. Kibakichi, though, keeps things on the down low as he is a Yokai, a form of monster that once peacefully coexisted with man, until man turned on the Yokai and began chopping them up like bacon-filled pigs.


On his way to a ghostly village filled with spider geishas and gambling (a sort of Vegas for monsters), Kibakichi encounters turtle creatures that warn him of this “sin city” and what they do to Yokai tourists.

Once Kibakichi arrives he tangos with the town spider woman, whose steel claws and web-spitting make quick meals out of poor losers at the gambling tables. Wait a minute – she’s a Yokai! What the…? Apparently, the Yokai made a deal with the town’s corrupt mayor to protect the town from legal reprisal.


Enter a team of hit men hired to come in and make everyone stop doing illegal stuff. They enforce this rule with machine guns (!) Innocent people get slaughtered, which makes Kibakichi wolf up and do a samurai rampage rodeo on everyone’s sorry asses.


Blood sprays as if shot from Super Soakers™. Body parts fling around like Frisbees™. Hair remains uncombed. Throw in Anju, Kibakichi’s ex-girlfriend who wants to kill him with a razor-sharp boomerang, and this movie has everything: drama, action, love, fur, and dismemberment.

I totally wanna be a samurai werewolf. But I don’t wanna wear that goofy hat.

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