An Emotional Succubus

The Leech Woman

Alcoholic, jealous, bitter and unloved (wonder why?), June Talbot is not a leech in the entomological sense in The Leech Woman (1960). She doesn’t suck blood through your pores, but she does drain your freakin’ batteries with all the whining about not getting any of the good stuff from husband and endocrinology doctor, Paul Talbot, who would rather see her jump out the window than have to listen to anymore of her bellyaching.

The Leech Woman

That is, until some withered old crone shows up in his office and reveals unto him the secret of youth. Yeah, I though it was booze, too, but it turns out to be some sort of magic powder, that when mixed with the neck drippings of a male, substantially restores the feel-up factor of the female who ingests it.

The Leech Woman

Off the unhappy couple go to Africa to get some ’o this money-making substance. It’s there June discovers Paul’s just been using her. (What a cad.) So she uses his pineal gland leakings, mixes it with an orchid powder and, wham, instant hot date. Problem is the darn stuff wears off pretty quick. And when it does, you look twice as old as you were before drinking the anti-MILF cocktail. You can see where this is going.

The Leech Woman

Back home in the States she tricks her J.C. Penny™ catalog-handsome attorney into thinking she’s her own niece in order to seduce him. Why can’t I meet women like that? Great double-crossings, plunging daggers, plunging necklines, and, for once, slick detective work on behalf of a cop who manages to link her to all the guys in town with holes in their necks.

For once I’m glad someone didn’t turn into a people-sized bug.

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