Werewolf House Cat Demon

Curse of the Demon

Also known as Night of the Demon (1957). Night….Curse… How about Super Fun Social Gathering of the Demon?

Psychologist Dr. Holden is a skeptic. He doesn’t believe in demons or magik (with a “c” or a “k”) or witches or satanic whatchamahoo. His colleague, Professor Henry Harrington, didn’t either. Until he was cursed by Dr. Julian Karswell, who holds a Ph.D in Satanology.

Curse of the Demon

That curse unleashed a smoke-emitting 50 foot-tall evil entity with cloven hooves, semi-flapping bat-wings and a face that looks like a cross between a werewolf and a house cat on psychotropic drugs.

Holden and his gang of academics are setting out to expose Karswell’s cult, thereby mocking the evil doc’s belief system. Along the way Holden himself gets cursed, with a warning that he’ll die in three days on a specific date and time. He better put that on his “things to NOT do today” calendar.

Curse of the Demon

A few nerve-wracking events leading up to D-day include a hurricane storm out of nowhere, a house cat on drugs turning into a leopard (with extra dots), and an invisible satanic whatchamahoo pursuing Holden in the woods, with steam coming out of massive footprints. If one was gooned out enough to void the warranty on one’s pants, the woods are a good place to take care of business.

Curse of the Demon

The demon in question only appears twice – at the very beginning and end of the movie. It arrives in the form of boiling clouds and grows to telephone pole height. It looks pretty cool, or at least as cool as a steaming puppet could look.

Curse of the Demon

While it would’ve been nice to see more of this fuzzy fellow, Curse/Night of the Demon is a taut, atmospheric tale of the dark side and the ramifications of poo-pooing someone with learned skills to summon Hell’s finest ambassador.

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