Monster Rocks Rock

Monolith Monsters

The Monolith Monsters (1957) is an obscure-yet-kick-ass sci-fi movie about a lonely meteor hurtling through space, eventually bashing into this toilet Earth. Specifically, the small desert community of San Angelo, CA (not sure of the zip code).

Breaking apart, the meteor’s chunks (meteorites) grow out of the ground, needing humans and their inner moisture to feed themselves with. Of course, this turns people into statute material. But that’s a small price to pay for what lies ahead.

Monolith Monsters

A bitchin’ thunderstorm with extra rain causes the black space crystals to grow until they look like 100-foot gasoline-powered sharp things. Remember Superman’s house with all those pointy crystals sticking up out of the hockey rink floor at perpendicular angles? These are like that, only bigger.

Monolith Monsters

But with no Jenny Craig™ rebar to help support their weight, the monoliths break apart and crash into things like your house, the stores you shop in, and any vehicles you may have in your driveway. Oh, and YOU. Here’s the bitch – the broken pieces grow into even more monoliths. I’m simply aghast at how cool this is.

Monolith Monsters

A school field trip has kids picking up the meteorite fragments for show and tell. One little girls washes hers and… Uh, oh – her hand and wrist has turned to stone and her parents likewise. Figuring out how to save the little girl’s shopping arm, a doctor also stumbles across the monolith’s weakness. I thought it might be beer, but as it turns out it’s salt, not unlike that which one would sprinkle on popcorn or slugs.

Monolith Monsters

The special effects in this 1957 bad boy are pretty dang neat; The black crystals are so believable, you pretty much want them to find more water to grow even bigger so you can see them goon everyone out. I did, anyway.

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